Designers - Watch Out For This Scam

Dec 27, 2017

Beware of this scam that has been going around:

You receive an email from a man who is deaf and is traveling out of their country. They are planning to move into a house in your area and want to hire you to do the design.

Here are a few other points to look out for:

They will use an address of a house that is actually for sale.

They want to know if you will take a credit card as a deposit. If you respond and agree to take a look they will offer to pay you a generous fee.

Here is a reply from one of these scams that one of my clients received:

“Thank for your reply, To ans your Question, yes i own lot to build, Here is the address Lot # 491 Kinhawk Dr,Nashville, TN 37211, I am estimating approximately 6,982 sqft, Yes I want it to be to Single, I budgeted $566,000.00, I agree with the estimate you offered and i will like to proceed with this project as soon as possible.”

If someone wants to hire you and the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

To your success,

Dan Baumann