Designers Show #11 Unscripted | Chief Experts Dan Baumann & John Schrader

designers show Jul 20, 2020
On today's Designers Show, Dan and John explain what is meant by the product of design, how to use Dan's detailed spreadsheet to help you keep track of expenses in your construction business, how to get paid more for your design services and how to hug your clients better.
Then a Q&A begins and Chief Architect questions are answered, such as how to retain designer and client information on your plans, note schedules, putting plumbing fixtures on layer sets and how to manage layers. It's a lively discussion!
Topics Dan Discusses:
The Product of Design 02:22
Using A Planning Spreadsheet 03:35
How To Get Paid More For Your Design Services 25:03
Learn How To "Hug" Your Client 28:22
Q&A About Chief Architect:
Retaining Designer & Client Info On Plans 35:05
Note Schedules 45:00
Putting Plumbing Fixtures on Layer Sets 51:03
Managing Layers 59:17