Designers Show #13 Getting The Projects You "WANT" with Kevin Transue

designers show Aug 03, 2020
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attract the types of projects that you want to work on instead of taking on projects that don't fit your style just to stay busy?
Kevin Transue is a Remodeling Contractor in Kansas, and he has built an award-winning business. He is in such high demand he gets to pick and choose which projects he wants.
Introduction and Kevin Transue's Bio 00:01
Value the services you offer: You're worth it! 2:20
How to position yourself to get the work you want 8:51
How to approach "The B Word" 14:37
Methods Kevin uses when he interviews prospective clients 21:03
What to charge for a design professional 26:10
How Kevin gets inspiration for the projects he creates 40:57
How to Brand your company 45:30
Q&A 48:19

Kevin has a ton of wisdom to share about "The Art of Design". Check out one of his award-winning projects called "The Party Barn."