Designers Show #14 Meet Michael Stone, Construction Industry Guru

designers show Aug 10, 2020
In this Designers Show, Dan interviews Michael Stone with Construction Programs & Results, Inc. Join us and learn a bit more about how Michael got into this industry and what drives him to continue his quest to help as many people as possible turn their business into a profitable venture. 
Don't be surprised if you learn the simple truths that hold many people back from having a business that they love instead of a job that controls them. 
As Michael always says, "We Like to See the Good Guys Win!"
Introduction and Bio 00:01
Michael's involvement in the construction industry 15:06
How Michael started teaching and coaching 21:07
Michael as an expert witness 25:01
Books on Markup, Estimating and Sales 32:00
Classes that Michael teaches 41:40
Changes are seen in contracting 42:31
The #1 piece of advice for contractors 46:33
The #1 mistake contractors make 47:45
The benefits of a well-written contract 49:42
The current labor shortage 50:25
Michael's proudest achievement 52:49
Final comments "Yeah but..." 55:40



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Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide

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Construction Programs and Results

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