Designers Show #16 Design Agreement Town Hall Discussion

designers show Aug 24, 2020

"Handshakes are fine but if you are going into a large project where you've got a lot of stuff going on, putting everything in writing in the form of a design agreement is best."

In this Designers Show, Dan, John and Bill Murray initiate a discussion about what designers and contractors are using for design agreements.

We discuss what Design Agreements are and what sorts of things you might want to include. From simple to complex agreements, we'll look at samples of what others are using.
Introduction 00:01
Bill's Design Agreement 04:22
 Disclaimers on CA plans 27:01
AIA Contracts 32:35
Fee Schedules Discussion 36:25
Adding a Watermark to a CA plan 45:12
Dan's Design Agreement 48:48
Q&A 53:24

We welcome your participation in what you use in your agreements, and if you would like to share your agreement/contract, please send it to [email protected]