Designers Show #17 What Should be in a Set of Construction Drawings with Steve Mickley from AIBD

designers show Aug 31, 2020

A good set of building plans can help ensure the success of your building projects. Knowing what to include in these plans and how they should look can sometimes be a mystery.

In this Designers Show, our guest is Steve Mickley, the Executive Director of the American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD). Today, Steve walks us through some construction document examples and discusses some recommended planning guidelines.

1. Introduction with Steve Mickley 00:01
2. Changes in the Design World 08:36
3. Psychology of the Design Process 18:51
4. Valuing the Knowledge of the Designer 23:42
5. The Benefits of Joining AIBD 28:14
6. AIBD Plan Standards Handbook 31:25
7. AIBD Minimum Plan Standards 33:07
8. NCBDC Plan Evaluation Checklist 34:57
9. Sample Plans 38:10
10. What Motivates You? 56:42
11. AIBD Resources and Memberships 59:01

Prior to his current position, Steve was the Managing Director of SGA Architecture in Palm Beach, FL, and spent ten years as owner of his residential design firm. Steve holds numerous awards, such as AIBD's President's Award and AIBD Designer of the Year, and is a member of the AIBD College of Fellows.

The American Institute of Building Design is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to supporting and promoting residential design professionals. The AIBD mission: "Building a better residential building design profession, one designer at a time."

AIBD Online Magazine Official publication of the American Institute of Building Design.

Plan Standards Handbook a bit dated but still useful this AIBD handbook has good info.

Minimum Plan Standards. This gives you an idea of what the minimum requirements are.

Plan Evaluation Checklist. Requirements to enter a plan in the AIBD residential design contest

Keys Cottage Plan Set of client plans by Steve Mickley for a SIPS panel house project.

Lakeview Plan GRAND ARDA winner - 2020 American Residential Design Awards.

Suburban Plan GRAND ARDA winner - 2020 American Residential Design Awards.