Ten Chief Architect Productivity Hacks Revealed | Designers Show #20

designers show Sep 21, 2020

Are you looking for some simple ways to get more done in less time using Chief Architect?

Dan and John show you ten simple tips that you can start using with your Chief Architect software right away to make drawing plans a bit easier in Chief. Plus an overview of the new Chief Experts ProAcademy format, what's already there, and new items to be added.

1. Introduction & Why Dan offers these Shows 00:01
2. Preference settings that make Chief easier to work with 10:25
3. Two keystrokes you'll love (Plus a mouse setup treat)16:40
4. Drag and drop into Chief 21:10
5. Keeping your User Catalog up to date across multiple computers 26:31
6. Resizing images to trace over (Capture a Google image with ruler on it) 29:07
7. Options using copies in your plan with edit area 33:26
8. Copies on floors with paste and hold position 39:45
9. Using and storing 3D Warehouse items 45:11
10. Resizing a layout page border for a different page size 49:18
11. How Templates can save you a ton of time 52:19
12. Q&A 58:04




ProAcademy Members, Save the Date!

All New Template Classes

10-13-20 Templates Overview
10-14-20 Plan Templates
10-15-20 Layout Templates
10-21-2018 Templates Q&A

New and Updated Plan and Layout Templates Including Metric
3:00 PM CST 60-90 Minutes



The "ProAcademy"

Templates save time. It's one of the many benefits of membership in the ProAcademy. You'll get custom templates and the knowledge you need to modify and use them in your business. You'll ultimately save hours of work on each project.

Your ProAcademy membership will also include Specialty Libraries, Construction Details, Webinars, Office Hours & More... 

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