Designers Show Unscripted

designers show Jul 06, 2020
For this Designers Show, Dan and John provide a totally unformatted and unscripted 60 minute Q&A meeting.
It's an open forum format where they were asked anything from Chief Architect, Marketing, Sales, Technology or whatever.
Q&A Topics Discussed:
Wall Hatching Tool/Making Black Walls 1:42
Raising the Ceiling to a Scissor Truss 7:30
Floating Deck & Joist Hangers 12:05
How To Do Remote Sessions 18:05
How to do a Post and Pier Foundation 21:58
Using Note Schedules 28:30
Creating a Two-Level Deck 39:00
What Marketing Tool To Use for As-Builts 42:48
Inserting Exterior Doors 50:57
Making Ceiling Fans Different Sizes 54:18