Are You Attractive?

sales and marketing Dec 21, 2017

So what does it take to be attractive? I’m not talking about what you look like, but rather the image of your company.

There are so many different platforms out there nowadays that figuring out how to broadcast your company’s help-wanted advertisements can feel like an impossible riddle. That’s why I’m here to give you a few ideas.

Start out by building an interesting and alluring landing page on your website to advertise your job openings. One really good example is the Castle Building & Remodeling site. Next, you’ll want to run social media ads over sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is huge as far as advertising goes, so you’ll want to put a lot of effort into developing a good campaign strategy here. You can also post on job sites and start running general ads through Google AdSense.

Physically, you’ll want to print out flyers and create business cards that you can hand out. Put some thought into when you’re designing these, an ugly flyer is going to turn away potential applicants. Post your flyers where you target applicants hang out, maybe a college or a coffee shop depending on the kind of person you’re looking for.

To attract the best possible people to your company you’ll need to be creative. The ultimate goal is to drive people to your help wanted landing page. If you’re looking for the best of the best in the construction business you’ll need to stay on your toes because there are a lot of people out there. You should approach your help wanted campaigns the same way you do any client-based campaign. Put your best self out there on every platform: social media, websites, vehicles, flyers and even business cards. You want people coming to your help wanted landing page and saying to themselves - "I'd love to work for this company.”


To your success, (and good looks!)

Dan Baumann

Chief Experts Academy