Chief Architect Live Training Classes. A discussion with Kyle Hunt and Dan Baumann

chief architect training Nov 02, 2019

Recently I had the opportunity to do a live meeting with my good friend Kyle Hunt with Remodel Your Marketing

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Kyle are I are in the same mastermind group and he volunteered to do this with me. Our group consists of other construction industry coaches and we are always helping each other. This was fun to do with Kyle and I hope you get a better understading of what my live classes are all about. 

I've been teaching contractors and designers on how to use Chief Architect since version 2. That was back in 1995. I rented a computer lab at a local trad school and ended up with about 2o+ students. 

Since then I've had the privilege of teaching thousands of Chief users how to get the most out of Chief Architect. It's been a great journey and very rewarding to watch the transformations take place. 

Chief Architect is such a creat communication tool for all aspects of a project. For the designer looking to document ideas, to customers being able to walk through those ideas. Then there are the subs, suppliers and everyone else that gets to take advantage of the 3D modeling capabilities in Chief. 

Chief truly is a game-changer for many professionals and it's been great to be part of that growth for the last 26+ years. 

Here are some group pictures from a few of our classes:

 Philadelphia, PA 2019

Milwaukee, WI 2019

Bloomington, MN 2019

Las Vegas, NV IBS Event 2019

Oahu, HI 2019

Denver, CO 2018

Bloomington, MN 2018

Northern MN 2018

Orlando, FL 2018

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