Chief Architect Sale Only Happens Once Per Year And Ends January 6th

Dec 31, 2019

If you've been waiting for a sale to upgrade your Chief Architect program, then the time is now. You can get 20% off or upgrades and additional licenses until January 6, 2020, Order your updates here. You can also save 10% on new licenses

I often get asked by clients if they should continue with their SSA (Software and Support Agreement). It costs $525 per year and sometimes it can be a strain on cash flow.

The good news is that you don't have to renew the SSA each year. Your software will run fine without it. 

The bad news is that:

  • You won't get all of the updates to the software. Including bug fixes and new releases.
  • You won't have access to all of the libraries Chief puts out. 2-3 per month and there are about 370 libraries as of Jan 2020
  • You won't have access to their Tech support
  • You won't have access to new features in the new releases. X11 New Features
  • You won't save any money. The pricing has changed so that you'll end up paying for the SSA even if you skip a year or two. 

If you use Chief Architect in your business and you're making money with it, you should consider keeping your SSA current. 

I've found that in each new release there are a lot of new features added but the key is there are at least one or two new things that make it worth the investment of the SSA. 

Don't delay. The sale ends on January 6, 2020. BTW: I don't make a cent from telling you about this. I just believe that a tool as valuable as Chief Architect needs to be maintained and kept up to date.

And be sure to stay sharp on the software. Join our mailing list, and we'll keep you informed about new changes to the software. 

To Your Success,

Dan Baumann
Chief Experts Academy