What Is A Template In Chief Architect?

chief architect Jan 04, 2020

What is a Chief Architect Template?

A template is any Chief Architect plan or layout file that has the defaults adjusted the way you like them. Making a copy of a plan file is the same as using a template. 

When using the "File - Templates" menu, you can open any plan or layout file. All this does is opens an "Untitled" copy of the plan file. You could do the same thing by opening any plan or layout and doing a "File - Save As",

You can also save any plan as a template. Chief will ask if you want to make the newly saved template the default "New Plan"

Why are Templates so Important?

It's a major pain to keep changing the same settings every time you open a new plan.

By adjusting the "Default Settings" in a plan to what you want, and then saving it as a template, helps you to avoid having to change things every time. 

How is a Template Created?

A template is a total of setting up your "Defaults" the way you draw your plans. If you can get most of the things adjusted to your way of drawing, then you don't have to waste time setting things up.

Over the years, I've worked with 1000's of contractors and designers and have drawn 1000's of plans. I've spent countless hours determining what plans are used by just about everyone in the residential remodeling and building industry. 

To that end, I've spent countless hours creating and tweaking a plan and layout template that works for just about everyone. 

This spreadsheet is how I compiled the info and determined what needed to be added to the templates that I developed. 

The biggest challenge was getting everything set up correctly for each kind of view that you are creating in the process of drawing a plan. It was a significant undertaking but has paid off in every plan that I've drawn. Those that use my template say the same thing. "Huge time saver"

I'm always looking for ways to make it work better, and as Chief keeps adding new features to the software, I'll continue to update the template to reflect those changes.

How do I use them in my training classes?

The plan and layout template that I've created is available to Pro Academy members and is supplied and used in all of my live and online classes as the foundation for how I teach Chief Architect. 

My goal is my classes is to get you up and running as quickly as possible with Chief Architect, and using my templates helps to make that possible. In short order, you will understand Dimensioning, Layers, Layer Sets, Annotation Set, Plan Views, and many other functions of the software that will make your plan stand out. 

Templates work because Better Plans equal Better Projects, and plans done faster equal more $$ in your pocket! Templates help you complete plans faster. 

To Your Success,

Dan Baumann, Chief Experts Academy