Chief Architect X12 New Features and 2019 Users Group Pictures

chief architect Jan 04, 2020

Chief Architect has done it again! Adding tons of new features in version X12.

They continue to roll out rock-solid software with amazing new features and world-class support. 

Everyone at Chief Architect should be proud of their accomplishments and, based on the company culture, I'm sure we'll see many new and amazing features in the years to come. 

Way to go, Chief Architect, and Keep up the great work!

You can click here to visit their page with all of the info.

Below are some pictures from the 2019 Chief Architect Users Group meeting held each year in Coeur d' Alene, ID.

It was a beautiful day new Lake Coeur d'Alene. I'm here with some fantastic people that have become fast friends over the years. 


Enjoying dinner together in downtown Coeur d'Alene.


Al Frye is teaching the Advanced group. Al is the first person to use Chief Architect, and he helped Jack Simpson develope the program back in the early days. He is still actively involved in using the software and teaching others how to use it. 


Dermot Dempsey was also teaching/leading our advanced user's group. He is the head engineer for Chief and has been with the company since version 3.0. Thank you, Dermot for, leading the charge in the creation of the world-class software we know as Chief Architect. 


Jeff Rexford is having some lunch at the user's group meeting. 


Everyone enjoying lunch at the Chief Architect users group training.


Here we are on Lake Coeur d'Alene on a dinner cruise. A great way to see the scenery and meet other fantastic Chief Architect users. 


On the dinner cruise, I had the pleasure of talking with many of the Chief Architect team. These two are part of their social media team.


Long-time friend and Chief Power-user Wyatt Knight with his wife and cuter than cute son on the dinner cruise.


Playing some games on the dinner cruise that the Chief Architect gang put together. 


Our team did win the Chief Architect Contest! I guess we know our software terms pretty well.


On an early morning hike near lake Coeur d'Alene with a bunch of Chief users and good friends Kevin and Jen.


Our Advanced class at the user group training. FYI - 8 of the 11 people in this class have been through my classes multiple times. I like to feel that in some small ways, I've helped them become power users. We never stop attending and learning!


Chief Advanced class. There are no bad classes for Chief! There are many places to learn the software.


Group meeting at Le Peep. Chief does a great job entertaining everyone after the class on the second day. 


It was a fabulous day. Here Shane, Anthony, and Jim are posing for Chief's social media crew. 


In case you're wondering - YES, we did have a fabulous time. Chief Architect does a fantastic job of taking care of everyone they touch. 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I'll keep attending this event because I learn a lot each time I go, and even better than that, I get to hang out with some of the best people in the world - Chief Architect People!

Dan Baumann, Chief Experts Academy