Designers Show #25 Unscripted: Libraries, Schedules, Plot Plans, Sharing Files and Elevations

designers show Oct 26, 2020


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In today's Q&A Designers Show, the audience brings the questions, and Dan and John do their best to answer them. Topics discussed are all over the board, so they are listed below. It's some good information! Timestamps are included so you can pick the topic you're interested in.
Dan also gives information on the benefits of joining ProAcademy on his Chief Experts Academy website:
Introduction 00:01
Chief Experts Academy/ProAcademy Information 04:00
Chief Architect Topics Discussed:
How to Block/Label an Object 09:43
What's the Difference between Text and Rich Text? 22:06
Adding a Fireplace 29:30
There are 1100 Icons in CA! 33:38 
How to Transfer Library Items to a New Computer 37:33
Creating an Arched Transom Window 52:35
Working with a Fixture Schedule 57:43
Creating a Plot Plan 1:04:35
Sharing Files with Clients and Co-Workers 1:08:39
Sending an Elevation View to a Layout Page 1:12:32
NARI Membership Benefits 1:17:40



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In this class we're going to dive deep into Chief Architect templates. How they work and how to customize them for your business.

October 28, 29, 2020 | 3:00 - 4:30 CST

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Templates for Chief Architect Master Class
October 28, 29, 2020

The Imperial and Metric Plan and Layout Template Files created by Dan Baumann will be available for download on October 21st.

1. Template Introduction - Recording Available in Members Area
Discover how well thought our templates in Chief Architect work and how they can help you save time and reduce frustration. In this session, you'll see how templates work and how to quickly customize them to fit your drawing style and your company brand.

Topics in Session #1:
- Downloading The Templates
- Setting The Plan and Layout Template As Your Default
- Overview And Introduction To Templates - Quick Start
- Working With Different Views
- Customizing Defaults Within The Plan
- Globally Changing Font Style
- Globally Changing Dimensions Style
- Globally Changing Text Size
- Using This Template With Older Plans
- Room Name Labels
- Using the All Off or On Layer Sets

2. Plan Template - Recording Available in Members Area
Everything starts by drawing in a plan file in Chief Architect. In this session, you'll see how different plan view types get used to assemble an organized set of drawings. From as-builts, remodeling plans, new construction plans to light commercial plans, you'll discover the optimal way to draw using Chief Architect.

Topics in Session #2:
- Adding New Annotation & Layer Sets
- Architectural Plans and the Different Scales
- The As-Built Measuring Plan
- The As-Built Plan For Creating The Dotted Line Reference
- As-Built Versus New Demo Plan
- CAD Details
- Electrical Plans
- Framing Plans
- Foundation Plans
- Furniture Plan
- HVAC & Plumbing Plans
- NKBA Kitchen & Bath Plans
- Plot Plans - Surveys and Plan Footprints
- Roof Layout Plan
- Sq. Ft. Takeoff Plan - Get Library of Room Boxes
- 3D For Elevations
- 3D Framing As-Built VS New
- 3D for Cross Sections
- 3D Views Full & Overview
- 3D For NKBA Elevations

3. Layout Template - 10-28-2020 3:00 - 4:30 CST
Once you've assembled your drawing in a Chief plan file, you'll need to assemble the working docs in Chief's layout file. This template makes it easier to assemble all of the elements of a plan on the right size pages in a simple, organized manner with all of the detail you need.

Topics in Session #3:
- Overview of The Layout Template
- Customizing The Layout Borders
- Naming & Arranging Pages
- Adding Views To The Layout Pages
- Adding & Adjusting Elevations
- Adding, Editing & Adjusting 3D Views
- Globally Adjusting Line Weights
- Adding A Plan Index
- Adding Plan Revisions
- Adding Plan Revisions Using Plan SF Boxes
- Using the All Off or On Layer Sets Untitled page

4. Templates Q&A Session - 10-29-2020 3:00 - 4:30 CST
In this session, you'll have a chance to ask any questions you may have related to working with and customizing your own Chief Architect Templates.