Chief Architect "Plan Review" with Jared Baehmer - Designers Show #32

designers show Dec 14, 2020

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Want to see the kinds of plans that other Chief Architect users are creating? Join us as longtime Chief superstar Jared Baehmer show us some of his techniques.

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Introduction with Jared Baehmer 00:01
Jared's Sample Plan 10:16
Linking a Layout Page 17:30
Floor Plan Page 20:38
Modifying Layer Sets 24:40
CAD Details & Schedules 26:02
Elevations 30:00
Cross Sections 33:41
Typical CAD Detail Sections 34:58
Adding a Watermark 38:40
Engineer's Blank Pages 40:00
Roof Schedule 44:45
What We Can Do With Macros 45:45
Setting Up Text Sizes 54:46
Q&A 57:45



Our guest Jared Baehmer is the Owner of Elevation, Cornerstone Home Designs & Rainier Consulting Services.  Jared is a successful entrepreneur with 5 businesses helping client achieve their goals of building a new home or renovating their current home. Currently providing Feasibility studies, Design and Drafting of Construction Plans, Structural Engineering, Permit Coordination and Project Management.


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