Is the "Done For You As-Built" almost here? Designers Show #35

designers show Jan 18, 2021
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Most designers I know are not big fans of doing the As-Built plans for a remodeling project even though it is one of the most important parts of a good plan.

But getting the As-Built plan finished is starting to get easier.

In the next Designers Show, you'll meet a few of the people from Occipital the makers of Canvas. We'll discuss how the app works, how you can get your Chief Architect As-built plans, and the future of Canvas.


Meet our Designers Show #35 Guests

Ben Petuchowski, Content and Marketing Operations Manager, Augmented Home at Occipital

Ben is a creative professional with over ten years of experience across film, television and marketing. He is currently the Content and Marketing Operations Manager, Augmented Home at Canvas by Occipital. Canvas gives you a new superpower – the ability to capture an accurate 3D model of a room in minutes, all on an iPhone or iPad. Canvas makes that clunky process obsolete. In one minute, one person can capture thousands of measurements, for a scale-accurate 3D model of a room, right on their mobile device. Inside that 3D model, any measurement can be extracted anytime, and the model can be shared with anyone, anywhere. It can even be converted into professional-grade CAD-ready files for use in the programs that DIY homeowners and home service professionals use the most.

Alex Schiff is the current VP Product Consumption at Occipital. Alex is currently working on bringing spatial computing to everyday life at Occipital. For the past 4 years, he had been working on problems in the productivity and collaboration space at the helm of Fetchnotes. Prior to that, he did a lot of biz dev and editorial as a VP at Benzinga, and before that led the opinion section of The Michigan Daily. On the side, he tends to get obsessively interested in random topics every 3-6 months that consume his free time. In the past, that has included epigenetics, the history of Western European socialist political movements, human evolution, photography, and wine. Some ventures have been more productive than others. Tech-wise, he'd built things with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Lua, Webscript, Twilio's API, FullContact's API, and Parse. He's also pretty comfortable with the basics of Git and Xcode needed to work effectively with iOS engineers.



Time Stamps:
Introduction 00:01 
Dan's Plan done with Canvas App 01:40 
What is Canvas and 3D Scanning? 08:50 
What You Need to Get Started 12:50 
How To Scan 13:54 
What Happens Next 15:33 
Scan To CAD 17:17 
Lidar Censors 18:40 
Scanning Procedures 21:09 
What You Get with the Canvas App 27:59 
Who is Using Canvas? 31:54 
How Do You Scan All Sides of an Island? 34:07 
Measuring Critical Dimensions 35:40 
Accuracy with Canvas 37:38 
What Happens to My Data? 40:15 
True Length and Width of a Room 41:50 
Wall Thicknesses 42:18 
Does it Scan Recessed Lighting/Electrical? 42:49 
Scanning Dimensions 44:52 
Can I Scan an Exterior? 46:50 
Can I Use "iSense" for iPad? 48:27 
Canvas' Complimentary Scan Review Process 50:27 
How Do I Address Existing Angled Walls? 52:20 
Square Footage Costs 53:20 
Can I Annotate on the Scan? 54:54 
Vertical Scanning 56:18 
Canvas' Free Scan Offer & Sample Data Package 57:26 



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