Designers Show #36 Chief Architect Unscripted

designers show Jan 25, 2021

Join us as John and Dan have a casual conversation about whatever you like! We can discuss Chief Architect, computers, marketing, sales or ?

You bring the questions, and we'll do our best to start a conversation to answer them.

Got something to share? Join us, and we'll bring you into the conversation.


Time Stamps:

Introduction to Dan's Two Upcoming Courses 00:01
A Look at Dan's MN Project 06:56
How to Raise The Roof In One Section 14:43
How to Import a Plat Survey 18:39
Reference Plan Files 34:30
Temporary Dimensions 40:00
Scaling A Drawing 41:23
Choosing the Best Computer Hardware for using CA 45:42
Perspective Camera Images 55:55
Using A Wacom Tablet 58:20
Description of Dan's Upcoming Courses 1:00:06



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