How to Plan Your Business for the Present and To Sell - Designers Show #38

designers show Feb 10, 2021

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It's incredible how easy it is to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of running our businesses and the struggles to make ends meet and, in many cases, to survive.

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to buy my business?

You might be surprised what the answer could be if you're willing to put in the work…

Join us as David Lupberger, a business Transition Specialist, walks us through how to set up our business to make a great living and have an asset that we can sell when the time is right.

Introduction and Dan's Upcoming Courses 00:01 
David Lupberger's Bio 04:09 
Why Strategic Exit Planning? 14:49 
Three Key Elements to Start With 19:50 
Creating a Business Plan 24:20 
Building A Team 30:20 
David's Free Readiness Assessment 41:05 
Transitioning Your Business 47:30 
Services that David Offers 51:40 
David's Final Thoughts 57:21 


As a small business owner that has been in business for a long time, I can say with conviction that my new focus is on building an asset that I can one day pass on to someone else.


To your success,

Dan Baumann, Chief Experts Academy



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In this class we're going to dive deep into Chief Architect templates. How they work and how to customize them for your business.