6 Steps to Hiring the Right Person for the Job - Designers Show #43

designers show Mar 15, 2021

Join Dan and John with this week's special guest Vicki Suiter, a Business Consultant, Trainer, Author, National Speaker, and President & CEO of Suiter Business Builders at this week's Designers Show. Vicki has helped hundreds of contracting and design businesses achieve the kind of success they never dreamed possible.

On Friday, Vicki will share the 6 Steps to hiring the right person for the job. The discussion will also cover the secret to finding great people to join your team, and some of the biggest mistakes contractors make when hiring.



In this Designers Show, Vicki joins Dan to discuss
6 Steps to Hiring the Right Person for the Job.

Introduction to Chief Experts Academy Courses 00:01
Introduction with Vicki Suiter 03:03
Step #1 - Be clear about responsibilities of the position. 16:33
Step #2 - Tell others that you are looking for someone. 23:54
Step #3 - Do a phone screening interview. 33:00
Step #4 - Prepare for the Interview. 39:10
Step #5 - Check references. 44:37
Step #6 - Check your gut. 51:16
Vicki's Free Download 54:38
Vicki's Final Thoughts 58:08



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