Chief Architect Plan Review with Peter Brown - Designers Show #44

designers show Mar 23, 2021

Join us as Dan and John do a review of a few sets of plans by a former remodeling contractor turned full-time designer, Peter Brown, owner of Peter Q Brown, Innovative Design.

Peter began his construction career in Carmel, CA, and worked his way up through the ranks, honing his construction skills to a journeyman carpenter level. While working in the area's high-end residential construction culture, he realized that a General Contractor career was his calling.

In 1986 he earned his California General Contractors License and spent the next eighteen years developing a reputation as a quality builder in the Carmel area.

He had always been active in the design and drawing of residential building plans. His ability to problem solve and effectively communicate ideas and concepts has been the key to his success in building and design.

In 2004 he returned to Bozeman as a Design / Build contractor, and in 2017 he transitioned to being a full-time Residential Designer.

Peter does a fantastic job on his plans, and we're thrilled to be able to share some of his work. So be sure to tune in and check out Peter's genuinely inspirational work. He'll also discuss his philosophy of the design process.

We'll also offer ideas on how he can set things up in Chief Architect better to save some time when creating the different views for his plans.



Time Stamps:

Review of Dan's Courses in 00:01
Introduction with Peter Brown 03:34
Peter's 3 minute video and Q&A 10:12
Peter's Porch Plan 18:16
How to send a plan to layout without patterns on 20:35
Using Technical Illustrations 24:48
Having consistent text size 28:10
Placing notes on a plan 32:12
Details & Text on a plan 36:48
Creating Line Styles 42:38
Adding a Page Index 45:30
Using Colors & Hatching 50:19
Doing 3D Framing 54:20
Using the Chief Time Tracker 56:59
CAD details as a cross-plan library 1:00:47
Drawing CAD details 1:02:52
Exporting a REScheck file 1:04:41
Using videos for permits 1:06:11


Free Downloads

PORCH PLAN with PE seal by Peter Brown

ADU Stamped Set Engineering by Peter Brown


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Houzz:  Peter Q Brown Innovative Design



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