Top new features in Chief Architect X13 - Designers Show #53

designers show Jun 07, 2021

Chief Architect X13 is finally available for everyone to use as of June 2, and there are some great new features.

Join us as Dan and John take a look at the top new productivity features in the X13 update, as well as some fun and cool things you can do with this new update. There won't be time to cover all of the new features, so we'll focus on the new features that will help you draw plans faster.



Time Stamps

Introduction and ProAcademy Update 00:01
Chief Architect X13 Review & access on ProAcademy 03:00
New Features Summary 06:26
X13 System Requirements 07:17
Training Videos 10:18
Top New Features:
Auto-Save Untitled Projects 11:35
Navigation ALT Mode 12:55
Fill Screen to Selected Objects 13:24
Polyline Solid Defaults 14:40
Multi-select and Edit Rooms 16:26
How to Test Rendering on your Computer 17:40
Match Properties on Walls 19:19
Control Living Areas Label's Display 21:07
Refined Search in Library Browser 23:32
Store & Edit Text in Library Browser 26:12
Center CAD in Elevation Views 27:30 xxxxx
Convert Planes to Polylines 34:58
3D Shape Editing 38:15
Boolean Editing of Solids and Shapes 41:47
Group Select Electrical Items by Type 43:41
Add GFCI Outlets 45:51
Rope Light Electrical Connections 46:55
Search Plan Materials 47:48
Material Eyedropper Copy Tool 49:38
Paint Copy Option 55:24
Cut Framing Along Angles 56:30
Physically Based Rendering 59:07
Dimensioning Features 1:00:01
Arrow Fill Color By Layer 1:01:28
Camera View Clipping 1:01:54



Chief Architect X13 is finally available for public beta as of June 2, and there are some great new features.

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