Top new features in Chief Architect X13 - Part 3 with Rene Rabbitt

designers show Jul 06, 2021

Chief Architect X13 is now available. In part one we discussed many productivity features. In part two we discussed features used to enhance your plan and model. 
In part three you can join Dan and John as we dig into more features that will help with presentation and other useful tools. We'll also be welcoming Rene Rabbitt to the show. He is an accomplished user of Chief and has a ton of insight into rendering. 

Introduction with Rene Rabbitt 00:01 
X13 Highlights 01:10 
Chief Experts Academy Upcoming Courses 04:40 
Two Great Toolbar Keystrokes To Know 07:10 
Some Helpful Icons to Add to Your Toolbar 12:10 
Line Drawing Options for Rendering Techniques 15:15 
Column Bubble Grid Lines 17:39 
Convert Wall Elevations to Section Views 23:08 
Custom Schedules – New Features 25:35 
Opening Indicators 34:44 
Label Layer Control 37:59 
Rendering: Real-Time Ray Tracing 40:36 
How to Know If Your Video Card Will Work 55:17 


Meet our Guest 

Rene Rabbitt

Robin grew up in Oakland California and went into building custom homes in the Bay Area right out of high school. He'd been a builder for over 21 years in residential remodeling, which is what inspired him to start designing. Fourteen years ago he had the opportunity to do some freelance design for an architecture firm that was using Chief Architect X3. He fell in love with the software and its ability to create realistic visual depictions of the kitchens and baths he would then get to build.

He is licensed Contractor (B100338), Cad Drafter, Designer, 3d Artist, Media Producer, Photographer, Computer Tech, Production Manager, and a perpetual Student. He is also the owner of Rabbit Design.

Instagram  |  Facebook | LinkedIn | Youtube 



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