Chief Architect Q&A Open Forum - Designers Show #56

designers show Jul 19, 2021

Sometimes it's fun to not have a topic and play it by ear. That's what we'll be doing in this week's Designer Show.

You bring your Chief Architect Questions and John and Dan will do their best to answer them. 

Introduction 00:01 
Style Pallettes 04:58 
RTX 3070 Video Card 19:10 
How to stop Light bleeding through cracks 24:25 
How to change textures 27:16 
Matching Auto Story Pole Dimensions 28:25 
Using the Help Button in Chief 31:30 
Using the Clay Model Camera 32:35 
Changing Window Labels 33:56 
More on Auto Story Pole Dimensions 35:08 
How to Show the Window Label & Symbol at the Same Time 36:40 
The Walk-Though Feature 40:42  
Using Photos/Adding Signs 46:01 
Creating Walk-Throughs 49:44 
Changing the Open Recent Files List 59:16 
CAD Details 59:52 
Libraries 1:03:03 
When Do We Need to Upgrade? 1:05:30 

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