Chief's 2D CAD Tools Demystified Designers Show #57

designers show Aug 09, 2021

The CAD software Chief Architect has grown into a robust and mature software program. Something that is often underutilized and misunderstood is its 2D CAD capabilities.

Chief can match ACAD's function once you know how to do it. I've helped many people ditch their AUTO CAD program and do all their details in Chief Architect.

In this show, John and I will discuss the 2D CAD tools in Chief and how to use them to draw cross-sections and more. The information you'll get in this show will save you a lot of time when you detail your plans and give you a better understanding of how the 2D CAD tools in Chief work.

Introduction 00:00 
Dan's 2D CAD Course in Chief Experts Academy 02:10 
The Home Designer vs Chief Architect Premier 05:02 
Where do we use 2D CAD Tools? 10:30 
Getting into the CAD Mindset 12:38 
Drawing a Cross Section 16:25 
Using 2D CAD Tools: 
Snap Tools 20:29 
The Box Tool 22:05 
Using Hot Keys 29:42 
Creating Rafters 36:30 
The Join Line Tool 43:10 
How to Copy and Paint the Fill Patterns 45:15 
How to Turn On Snapping Tool 48:41 
Line Weights Affiliated with CAD Tools 49:18 
Creating Colored Lines in Layer Sets 52:29 
Current CAD Layer Tool 53:30 
The Concentric Jump Tool 56:16 
How to Keep S and E Showing on Lines 59:09 
Making A Note With an Arrow 1:01:02 


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