Kitchen Work Centers with Robin Fisher - Designers Show #59

designers show Sep 07, 2021

Kitchen Design can be challenging, but in this week's Designers Show, our guest Robin Fisher, CMKBD, CLIPPS, CAPS will demystify some of the design elements that go into a well-planned kitchen.

We'll be discussing 12 work centers that you can introduce into a kitchen. Robin will show you what these work centers are and how to tie them together in your design.

Bring your Kitchen Design questions, and we'll do our best to get you some answers.



Time stamps:

Introduction and Dan's Available Courses 00:01
Then And Now 06:28
Work Centers 10:30
The Lifestyle Questionnaire 12:03
Rev-A-Shelf Catalog 18:02
Kitchen Accessory Options 19:42
Chief Architect Kitchen Schedules 27:57
Working Conscientiously with Clients 29:56
Charge For Your Design Services 36:21
The Clean Up Center 46:05
The Cooking Center 50:12
The Baking Center 51:25
The Snack/Beverage Center 52:41
The Message and Homework Center 56:20
The Pet Center 57:39
The Food Storage Center 58:38
The Social/Eating Center 59:27
Links For More Information 1:00:46
Dan's Kitchen Mastery Design Class 1:01:05






The Evolution of the Work Triangle