Top Takeaways from our Premium Courses - Designers Show #66

designers show Dec 20, 2021

We have discussed so many things in our online courses this year, so we decided to grab two high-value takeaways from each course and review them with you in our next Designers Show.

Join Dan, Robin, and John as we discuss these takeaways, all while doing our best to answer any other Chief Architect questions you may have.

Top 10 Takeaways From Our 2021 Courses
Introduction 00:01
Overview of 2021 Courses 05:40
Structures – Types and Terminology 07:44
Structures – CAD 16:10
Creating A Plan in Chief 25:15
Mastering Chief Architect/Toolbars 27:38
Kitchen Design Mastery 53:30
Upcoming Courses 57:20
Q&A: Where's the Icon Sheet of 1200 Icons? 59:50