State of the Design Industry with Victoria Downing - Designers Show #70

designers show Feb 07, 2022

Join us for a candid discussion with Victoria Downing, president of Remodelers Advantage, as she helps us understand and prepare for what's coming next in the remodeling industry.

Victoria is a 30+ year veteran of the remodeling industry and runs round-table peer groups that collectively produce over $1 billion in revenue annually.

Introduction with Victoria Downing 00:01
It's a new era for the remodeling industry 06:05
Where are we today? 06:40
A Hydra of Bottlenecks 10:13
Consumer Demand 11:38
Shipping Containers 12:01
The Great Resignation 15:20
Employee Absenteeism 16:06
What To Do? 17:25
Exclusive Offer from Remodelers Advantage 27:10
Upcoming Challenges 29:33
The Future of the Industry 32:46
Two Great Podcasts 42:20
Remodelers Advantage Groups & Events 43:10
Discussion of Attendee's Comments 44:30
Victoria's Upcoming Classes & IBS 51:10
Victoria's Final Comments: Build That Budget! 53:28




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