Top Four Problems Designers Face and What To Do About Them - Designers Show #71

designers show Feb 17, 2022

Designers Sanity:
Betsy's Handout Designers Sanity To Do List 911

Introduction & Betsy's Free E-Book 00:01
Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant 08:45
Betsy's Story 12:30
The Four Problems Designers Face:
C = Your Capacity - You're working too much and what to do about it 21:13
A = Your Action Plan - How to get out of fire-fighting mode in your business 25:17
R = Your Realistic Time Estimates – When there's never enough time 28:58
S = Your Schedule, Time-blocked on the calendar 30:34
CARS Plan - Alignment is needed 32:00
The Design Roadmap System 33:53
How to get started 44:15
Time tracking ideas 47:03
Betsy's Roadmap System Course can help! 47:55
Final Thoughts 54:40



Our guest Betsy Brandenburg Hurst owner of Brandenburg Studios Design and Designer Sanity, will offer some sage advice to help you get your overwhelm under control.

Betsy, a 20+ year veteran Interior Designer, has developed a complete system dedicated to providing Designers with the tools needed to find more sanity in their businesses.

Some of what Betsy will discuss:

- Why you're working too much and what to do about it.
- How to get out of fire-fighting mode in your business.
- How to take back control of your time and your calendar.
- Dealing with "there never enough hours in the day".




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