Chief Architect Q&A and Open Forum - Designers Show #72

designers show Feb 23, 2022
On today's show, Dan and John take questions from viewers and show how to complete actions in the Chief Architect software. See descriptions below to view specific actions. 
Introduction 00:01 
Dan's new logo ideas 03:55 
Reframing a roof & ceiling joist (collar tie) 10:05 
How to import a library into Chief 22:20 
Memory management for a 73 unit building 24:30 
Changing the distance for a creep move with arrow keys 36:35 
Breaking polylines to fit irregular shapes 38:05 
Sloping a half wall along a set of stairs 41:50 
Drawing parking lot lines and curbs 49:19 
Tinting shower glass so you can see it 1:00:47 
Making a horizontal section cut to display a roof 1:02:55 


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