Chief Architect Q&A and Open Forum - Designers Show #73

designers show Mar 07, 2022
This show is an Open Forum. Viewers bring the questions, and Dan and John do their best to provide effective answers on the best way to use Chief Architect software. 
Introduction & Dan's Upcoming Bathroom Design Course 00:01 
Converting & importing a PDF to Auto CAD (DWG) 06:45 
How to make a custom line type 26:02 
Adding a firred out wall inside a concrete basement 29:06 
Placing a window in a firred out basement wall 32:53 
How to drop a hallway ceiling for ductwork 34:00 
How to show a double top plate on a concrete wall 41:46 
Why the elevation may not be centered in the plan screen 43:56 
How the "Convert to Symbol" tool works 49:30 
How to make Chief regenerate deleted attic walls in gables 57:00