Chief Architect Q&A and Open Forum - Designers Show #75

designers show Apr 04, 2022

Are you charging enough for your Design Services? What are you struggling with in your business? Are you attracting clients you love?

Dan, John, Robin and Rene Rabbitt lead discussion as viewers bring questions. Rene also shows us his Logitech Mobile Mouse, gives an introduction to the Chief Architect Material Substance Player and gives some other tips in Chief.

Welcome and Introduction 00:01
Discussion about Lead-Time Challenges 03:05
How to keep up with Changing Construction Prices 16:08
Dealing with light bleeding through ceiling lines 24:20
Using the Dubsado program for scheduling work 26:14
Farming Out Construction Documents 28:04
Rene's Amazing Logitech Mobile Mouse 31:00
Resizing & Cropping Layout Pages 36:03
Chief Tile & Floor Substance Player 38:27
Creating a New Material in Chief 46:55
Hover 3D 49:16
Creating a Handicapped Extended Handrail at a Stair 51:02
Using the Symbol Tool 56:09
Dealing with Lighting and Overexposure 57:37
Bump Maps 1:00:41
Wrap Up 1:01:30




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