Lighting, Matterport and More - Designers Show #77

May 10, 2022


John and I have received our Matterport Axis package and have done a few scans. We'll report our findings so far.

Robin and Rene want to discuss a few lighting topics and we'll also talk a bit about lighting in Chief.

And as usual we'll discuss all things Chief in an open forum discussion.

Introduction 00:01
Matterport Intro 03:02
Dan's Matterport Scan 07:31
John's Matterport Scan 11:25
Rene's MatterPak Scan 15:10
Matterport Services 18:55
Doug's Matterport Scan 22:40
Measuring As Built's with Matterport 26:31
Lighting Is Important 36:13
What Makes Lighting Work in Chief 42:21
Rene's Fireplace Tools 56:45