Migrating Toolbars, Libraries, Templates and more from older versions of Chief Architect

chief shorts Nov 23, 2021


What you can do to migrate your templates and toolbars and other things from a previous version of Chief.

Sometimes when people install Chief, they might click, you know, not click to migrate so you can do it later.

So it go to Preferences.  You're going to click on the little Preference icon here, or go to Edit Preferences down here at the bottom, and you're going to go to Preferences and you're going to go to Reset options.

So I want you to go to this option right here, and then you're going to go to reset the migration.

So what you'll do is you'll click on that. You can amend, you hear this, you sure you want to do that and say yes.

And then it's going to say, okay, well, that's cool.

So what you have to do is Restart Chief in order for it to take effect.

So let's get out of here and say, okay, and let's close Chief, and then let's come back into it and reopen it.

And then what it's going to do is ask you to migrate your contents and settings.

So it'll find the previous version of Chief on your computer.

In this case, I have X12 on the computer that it's looking for.

So it says, well, what do I want to migrate? My preferences, templates, toolbars, or hotkeys.

So if you have all of those things, you want to bring forward, check in the ones you want to bring forward.

You can also migrate your old Libraries if you want to. And you can also change the location of your data folders, if you want to.

If you're not sure what that means, I would suggest you just leave that alone.

So, and that's all there is to it. You click those, it should update your items in the program. So, when you open a new plan, you'll have those things available to use.

And there you go.

That's how you migrate your other, your other things back into your old things, into the newer version of Chief.




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