Pony Wall Display Framing and Leave Lower Wall in Chief Architect

chief shorts Dec 08, 2021



0:00 Under the age-old question, how do you display the framing of a pony wall in the Foundation in the footing?

0:08 All right.  So, here's a little something I came up with.  I'll show you what I did really simple actually, but yeah, it's a workaround.

0:15 What are we going to do?  So you have a pony wall and of course that pony wall is going to have brick, you know, it's kind of a top and bottom to it.

0:22 So what I did is I took, I made the top portion of the wall, a, uh, let's go to the wall type here, made the top portion, simply just framing nothing else.

0:32 Okay.  And so, when you frame that wall and put the framing on it, and then I click, okay.  And then I put that wall on a layer, um, I called it walls, normal pony wall or whatever you want to call it.

0:45 All right.  So I I'm putting that on a different layer than all of the other walls, so I can turn that wall on and off independently by the walls.

0:51 Although in this case, I'd probably leave it on all the time.  All right.  So then I created a wall type, um, like this pretty simple, um, two layers wall type that's is sheeting and, um, inciting.

1:08 And I made that no wall, I put that on a layer that I could turn on and off independently of other wall types.

1:14 So it's a normal wall pointing wall top.  I called it.  All right.  So then you draw that and put it against it, make sure you mark it as a furring wall.

1:23 Okay.  So under the structure, make sure you call it a furred wall in this dialogue right here. When you do that right on the inside, I did the same thing, half inch sheet rock wall made a differing wall.

1:35 Then I just drew those walls and I pushed it right against, uh, right on top of the other wall. And then I went into an elevation, and I just adjusted the height of that wall to match, uh, where it goes there.

1:48 So everything aligns up like it should, it's just that the pony wall top is a two-part it's, it's three separate walls is what it is.

1:55 And then what you do is you go into your 3d view and at any time you just simply turn that top layer off.

2:01 So when I turned my wall top on, it's going to show it. And I actually just did this where I put it back like that.

2:09 So if I were to stretch it back out and put it back in place, um, so if I go here and you could default wall to top height again, uh, then I can pull that back into place.

2:20 Now look like that.  All right.  So you can do that. Um, I did have a little trouble with the corners connecting.

2:27 You have to play with that a little bit. So anyway, there you go. And you know, it can actually have some fun with it, and you can display your pony wall step back, uh, like this too, you know, show that.

2:39 Yeah.  Oh yeah.  Look at that.  I got old pony wallets and there you go. Stupid. Anyway, hopefully chief we'll get this worked out one day where we'll have a separate layer for the top and bottom of the pony wall since the framing's its own separate layer.

2:51 Anyway, that would just simply take care of that problem.  So there you go. Simple workaround from Dan. Thanks guys.