Why You Deserve To Be Paid For Your Design Services


(Please forgive the poor video quality! I sort of goofed on the video settings)

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Back in the early days of my contracting career, I used to believe that I had to do plans and estimates for free. I thought that was the industry norm. 

Once I learned that was not the case and since that time I've been a very strong advocate of charging a fair price for your design services. 

In this video, I discuss many of these points. 

  1. It is the Number One Path to a Commitment
  2. Professionals Get Paid for Their Services
  3. Professionals Work on Building Relationships
  4. As-Built Plans Are Essential for a Remodeling Project
  5. Take the Time Needed to Get the Right Information
  6. Finalizing the Details in Advance Saves Time
  7. Well Done Plans Eliminate Mystery and Surprises
  8. Planning Saves Time and Money
  9. An Informed Client is a Happier Client
  10. An Informed Crew is a More Productive Crew
  11. Fewer Change Orders Save Time and Money
  12. Satisfy Your Client’s Goals with New Design Ideas
  13. Creative Product Selection Can Save Money (Value Engineering)
  14. Reduce the Fear and Anxiety of the Unknown
  15. Prevent Angry Phone Calls from Clients

When you get compensated to do a job and do it well, everyone wins. 


To your success, 

Dan Baumann