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Attract clients you love in 2022 — and projects you don’t hate!

  • 70% of designers say they have projects they resent and that cause them stress. I’ll show you how to repel those projects so you can attract the ones that fit your business best.


  • 60% of designers say their website doesn’t accurately reflect what they do. I’ll give you a roadmap to help you stay on top of your online presence, and I’ll show you how to use it.


  • This course will teach you how to create the right content for the right social media channels.


  • This live online course simplifies digital marketing and gives you step-by-step instructions for optimizing your time.

This live online course will give you a simplified method to manage your online presence.


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The Problem…

Too many designers don’t have an online presence that accurately reflects what they actually do. As a result, they’re wasting time talking with clients who aren’t a good fit for their business. Remember: If you don’t repel the wrong clients, you don’t leave room for the right ones.

To fix this, you need to:

  • Define in detail what your brand is really about — what you do and what you don’t do. This takes time, but if you skip it, you’ll lose money and resent your projects and your clients.
  • Evaluate your entire digital footprint across all channels and all platforms. Cross-check the results of this audit against your brand identify to make sure they match.
  • Plan out a marketing calendar so you know where you’re headed and why. Be proactive instead of reactive!
  • Understand the trinity of online marketing — how your website, email and social media presence are all held together by the glue that is online content.
  • Learn how to make content that is actually valuable instead of posting just to post.
  • Learn the difference between the have-to-dos and the nice-to-dos.


How great it will feel to have a consistent brand message across your entire digital footprint — it will accurately reflect who you are and what you do!

Your very best project and client matches can more easily find you because you’ve given them enough information to filter themselves out if they aren’t a good fit.

After this course, you’ll finally feel ahead of schedule instead of feeling like you’ constantly playing catch-up.

What You'll Learn...



Joleen Emery

Founder/CEO, Big Raven Media

Digital Growth Authority | Niche Marketing Specialist | Content Marketing Wizard | Make yoga mats | Host Yoga Retreats | Teach Yoga Classes

Joleen Emery is the Founder and CEO of Big Raven Media, a digital advertising agency based in Minnesota. Big Raven Media has carved out their area of expertise in Local Lead Generation.

Local lead generation might seem like a no-brainer but it's surprising how many businesses find it difficult to get leads within driving (or even walking) distance from their door.

Getting new customers and generating leads from your area helps establish your business as one that locals know, like and trust. When you're known, when you're liked, and when you're trusted — people will buy from you.

Joleen is REALLY good at attracting potential new members/clients/customers/prospects FOR you, month after month, so you always have a fresh stream of new leads.

Joleen will show you how to post your best ideas to your single most effective social media channel … and grow from there!


Amanda Walker

“Working with Joleen and Big Raven Media has been amazing! We never realized our full potential until Joleen showed us how! We were brought up to date with the latest lead generation tools and marketing ideas, and the experience her team possesses has brought us so many opportunities for growth!”

Matthew Phillips

“Best online class I have ever attended — Joleen made sure we stuck to the subject matter, that people were on time, and that we had the tools needed to implement with our teams!!! Thanks, Joleen!”

Cynthia Laing

“Joleen’s presentation was absolutely delightful. Her wonderful sense of humour and generous laughter made the last few days very pleasant. She included everyone in the chat and made me feel like I was sitting in her classroom. Definitely a wonderful instructor. Thank you so much.”

John Hutchison

“Just completed your class last week and I wanted to let you know the impact. I never had any use for all that social media stuff and found it a big waste of time.  You woke me from my deep sleep. While I still have no personal interest in it, I see that in the business world you need to use it and understand it. This can have major effect on what people think of you or what they think of your business.”

George Abbo

“Just wanted to say that your teaching skills are superb and if more people in this world had your attitude it would be a much better place to live. I enjoyed listening to you the whole day. 

Ed Earl

“Joleen and her entire talented staff at Big Raven Media have been a terrific asset for my business. After years of tolerating an outdated website and ignoring social media marketing, Big Raven has completely transformed my marketing presence in the last 6 months with an outstanding and effective website, a digital house that is in perfect order and a social media marketing campaign that is consistent and effective.

Dan Baumann

Chief Architect CAD Software Specialist

Dan fell in love with Chief Architect v1 in June of 1993. He used it in his construction business before making the transition from contractor to Chief Architect champion in 1996.

He has trained 1,000's of users in live and online classes and has created 1,000's of hours of video tutorials and other content.  His  training is practical yet fast-paced and filled with real-life examples.

Dan uses the program daily, create plans for clients, and coach people in the "Best Practices" of creating plans. Client success in their business and using Chief Architect is always his top priority.

Why You Need This Live Online Course…

Whether you’re just getting started with your marketing plans or you’re a seasoned pro, this course will provide a valuable step-by-step guide to improving your online presence so that the right customers can more easily find you.

You’re getting years of practical experience from Dan Baumann and Joleen Emery in a fun and easy-to-understand live online class format that allows you to ask questions and gain deeper insight.

You don't have to try to figure out digital marketing alone — we’re here to help!


The Course Outline

  1. The First Step—Defining Your Brand
  2. The Analysis—Auditing Your Digital Footprint
  3. The Action—Developing a Marketing Plan
  4. The Trinity—Website, Email, Social
  5. The Glue—Creating Content
  6. The Have to Do vs. The Nice to Do

The Course Syllabus & Schedule


We’ll meet online twice per week for 3 weeks starting Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Tuesdays and Thursdays | 3:00PM – 4:30PM CST

Course Bonuses!

Weekly Workshops 

Twice a week for 3 weeks we'll dive deep into specific Digital Marketing topics. You'll also get tips and techniques not found elsewhere and a chance to ask questions.

Each meeting is recorded, edited and posted for you to view any time you want, as much as you want!

Class Recordings 

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the information you're looking for.

That's why we take the time to edit the live meetings and add topics and time codes.

While it’s most fun to participate in the class when it’s live, recordings make it possible for you to catch up when it’s convenient for you — no pressure!

Zoom Call Tips & Content

During our weekly Zoom call (separate from our twice-a-week live classes) Joleen and Dan will be available to answer your digital marketing questions and will provide help tips and tricks to help you build your online presence.

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