If Your Company Has Employees, You Could Qualify For Some "Serious" Left Over Covid Dollars!

Join us with our special guest hosts David Lupberger from Remodel Force and Jerry Packer from Omega Accounting Solutions in a special edition of the  Designers Show.   

In this show, we will give you the facts and show you the simple way you can find out if you qualify, and the simple steps to getting this "found money" for your business!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022
11AM Pacific | 12PM MT| 1PM CST | 2PM Eastern

If you want to learn the truth about your particular situation, grab your spot for this webinar! (I've checked this out and it's the real deal, Dan Baumann)

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Meet our Guests

Jerry Packer

Jerry is the Director of Business Development at Omega Accounting Solutions. Omega is an accounting and data firm that empowers small businesses to make informed business decisions through the production of accurate and timely books that yield honest, insightful, actionable reports. The team at Omega Accounting Solutions are expert in government tax incentives.

Here is his website: https://omega-accounting.com/

David Lupberger

Nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant David Lupberger helps remodelers and contractors grow longer-lasting, more profitable businesses by developing lean and mean business systems.  David believes that consistent results occur only with proven systems. He has worked with hundreds of contractors over the past 30+ years to increase their sales by expanding existing client relationships and develop lifelong clients. In addition to being the highly-regarded author of the book Managing the Emotional Homeowner, David is a regular speaker at events hosted by NAHB, NARI, JLC, and more. David also writes extensively, and has been the subject of articles featured in Remodeling Magazine, Qualified Remodeler, and Professional Remodeler, among others.


There are a lot of potential dollars available for this credit.

If you want to learn the truth about your particular situation, grab your spot for this special edition of the Designers Show!