Collaboration Techniques for Designers - Chief Experts Designers Show #2

designers show May 18, 2020

How do you share your designs with your clients, people in your company and your customers? What is the best way to work with and store files? There are many options out there and Dan and John will discuss some that have worked well for them in today's Designers Show.

What is Cloud Storage? 01:23
Dropbox 07:45
Microsoft 365/OneNote 17:38
Google Apps 21:25
Working on Chief Files: Online or Not? 24:27
Backing Up Files 28:25
Storing Chief Architect Data & Folders 33:40
Extra Storage Options 38:32
Naming Files 43:25
File Management 46:22 51:15
Adobe Acrobat PDF 53:35
Snagit 57:04