Chief Architect Plan Review for Paul Choate - Designers Show #40

designers show Feb 22, 2021

Join us as Dan and John do a review on a set of plans by remodeling contractor Paul Choate.

This set of plans has 19 pages of great information. We'll look at the plan and offer our ideas and suggestions on how he can make his next plan better.

We'll also offer ideas on how he can set things up in Chief Architect better to save some time when creating the different views for his plans.

Introduction & Upcoming Structures Class 00:01 
Background of Paul Choate's Project 06:33 
How to Send a File 11:31 
Placing Photos in Plan, Numbering Pages 13:15 
How to Make a Watermark 22:59 
Beginning Details of Paul's Project 26:23 
The Text Schedule 31:40 
CAD Detail Management 32:19 
Chief's Time Tracker 35:20 
Chief Templates 38:03 
Paul's Background 39:02 
Layout Page Views 41:40 
Using Clouds in the Plan 48:41 
Using Bent Lines 49:47 
Review of Plan Details 51:33 
Elevations 55:08 
Using Previous CAD Drawings 58:09 
Adding a Schedule to CAD Details 59:41 
More Plan Details 1:00:39 
How to Access Dan's Template 1:04:01 
Font Sizing on Note Schedules 1:05:42 
Print Layout to PDF 1:08:21 
Wrap Up 1:11:50 


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