Chief Architect Q&A - Designers Show #64

designers show Nov 22, 2021
Chief Architect Q&A - Designers Show #64

Sometimes it's fun not to have a topic and play it by ear. That's what we'll be doing in this week's Designer Show. You bring your Chief Architect Questions, and John, Dan and Robin will do their best to answer them.

Introduction & Chief Experts Academy Info 00:01 
Drawing Walls with the Right Mouse Button 6:24 
Using Alignment Tools 8:02 
Turning on/off Gutters on a Roof Plane 16:49 
Making Elevation Show as Solid Lines 23:03 
Dealing with Different Ceiling Heights 24:58 
How to Change Gable Material 39:48 
How to Create a Room in an Attic Space 43:14 
How to Show the New vs the Existing in a Plan 45:00 
Copy and Paste from One Plan to Another 59:51 
Drawing Curved Stairs 1:01:28 
Putting a Vaulted Dormer on a Vaulted Roof 1:06:17 
Making Stair Segments Move Separately 1:08:51 
How to Put Roof Purlins on Trusses & Sheeting 1:09:20 
Conclusion 1:13:00 



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