Successfully Charging for Design and Project Development - Designers Show #67

designers show Jan 10, 2022

Are you looking for answers about how to charge for your design and estimating services for your building projects?

Dan, John, Robin and our guest Kyle Hunt look at tips and strategies you can use to get paid for your design services.

Introduction, Dan & Kyle's upcoming shows 00:01
Why should contractors charge for design? 07:50
How to structure the sales process 12:37
What should you call your services? 20:55
What do you have them sign? 25:16
How do we sell design as a valuable service? 28:10
Real-life examples of successful implementations 31:24
The 5 P's: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 32:44
More real-life examples 35:03
How to gain clarity so you can implement this 36:40
What gross profit margin do remodelers need for a sustainable business? 40:30
The importance of Job Costing 44:10
Kyle's course, "Charging for Design & Project Development" 51:15
Q & A – Working with clients 54:28