Textures, Real World Lighting & Q&A - Designers Show #78

designers show May 23, 2022

Robin and Rene discuss a few lighting and texture topics and we also talk about working with walls and windows in Chief.

And as usual we discuss all things Chief in an open forum discussion.

Introduction 00:01
New courses with Chief Experts Academy 01:35
Lighting makes a difference 05:55
Robin's sizing formula for lighting 17:03
How to soften bright exterior light 20:32
Robin's can light recommendation 22:12
Lighting with Integrators (Smart technology) 28:24
SketchUp Textures Club 32:57
Using Textures in Chief Architect 35:23
Importing textures/materials into Chief 41:50
Using texture mapping tools in Chief 55:08
Using doors to create open windows 1:02:26
How to create walls with different layers 1:03:26
Resizing a wall 1:06:32
Brick joint thickness & bump maps 1:09:50
How to define a window sill 1:13:35
How to know correct number of bricks in material list 1:16:12
Wrap Up & Dan's Upcoming Courses 1:17:06





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