The Canvas App Is it the Easy Button for As-Builts? - Designers Show #79

designers show May 31, 2022

If you do residential remodeling, you already know the importance of creating an accurate As-Built plan in Chief Architect.

You may have heard about the Canvas app to scan rooms and get your plan back in the Chief Architect format.

In this special Designers Show, Greg Barto from Canvas will join us to answer your questions about the app.

But, Most importantly, we'll be discussing how accurate the Chief Plans are that users get from their Canvas scans.

I'll show you an actual project I measured and reveal my comparison findings of a Canvas scan.

Join us to get the facts about Canvas and how you can use this app in your business.


Introduction and Upcoming Classes 00:01 
Intro on how Canvas works - with Greg Barto 05:45 
Canvas vs Matterport 13:26 
Dan's experience with Canvas 15:15 
What Lighting is needed while scanning? 30:36 
How long does it take to get drawings back? 32:40 
What equipment is needed? 46:21 
Are Canvas Tech's Chief Architect experts? 48:45 
A Great Deal on Canvas! 52:40 
Using the 3D scan as a back-up 53:21 
Will Marker Tags and Clarity be added to Canvas? 56:21 
Conclusion 58:05 
Questions? Email Greg at [email protected] 



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