John Schrader

Owner, John Schrader Construction


John has a 37-year career in the residential construction field. After 25 years as a contractor, he has moved his focus to design, drafting and coaching. Of those three, coaching is his favorite. John enjoys helping others grasp how to use the tools in Chief Architect so that they can work more efficiently. His expertise in the building industry effectively equips him to help others, since he understands how homes are built. Along with his daughter, Rebekah, and a few others, John is also helping other design companies and contractors complete their plans. As time allows, he enjoys creating his own unique home plans.

He lives in northern Minnesota with his wife, Patti. Together they raised seven children who have scattered themselves out from Florida to Alaska and a few other places in between. Thankfully, traveling is one of their favorite activities, so visiting children and grandchildren is at the top of their list of hobbies, as well as bicycling and making new friends wherever they go.

John is also the owner of John Schrader Construction. He founded the company in 1989 and has years of experience available for your use. Its motto is "Building to Last for Generations".

They design and build houses to stand the test of time and be enjoyed for generations to follow.

The company's focus is design, new construction, and remodel. Designing is the first step in any project. Dan works with clients to determine what they want and how to keep the project within a budget.

Designing can be stressful, but with Dan's experienced team, they can make your part easier.